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Providing Security Assistance

This flexible service offering provides security assistance on an ad-hoc, as-needed basis. With this service, an experienced InfoSec consultant is provided to help support, maintain, or enhance your information security environment… when you want and to the extent you desire.

Assistance is provided via both telephone and remote access and is provided on an ad-hoc and as-needed basis that you dictate and whereby charges only incur for the actual hours worked by the consultant. Assistance is available for a predetermined duration, for example, for six months.

During that time, an InfoSec consultant remains available to assist mainframe information security and tasks that might typically include: technical security support, security product installation/maintenance, and knowledge transfer.

Consultant work performed is tracked hourly and is reported weekly via timesheets and status reports that are submitted within one week following any week in which work is performed. Assistance is provided during normal working hours however escalation contacts and procedures are generally available for cases where assistance might be needed outside of normal working hours.

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