Summary of Services

The InfoSec, Inc. Professional Services Unit (PSU) Program provides mainframe clients with the flexibility to acquire service hours to be used when needed. The program is designed to give mainframe customers the flexibility to have expert mainframe staff on an as-needed basis when on-site support is required.

Things can happen unexpectedly, such as projects that are dictated from upper management, surprise audits that take place or a sudden backlog of work. When these situations occur it is sometimes difficult to find the budget dollars right away that are needed to bring in an expert, especially in these budget trying times.

The PSU program allows clients to purchase service hours up front and at discounted rates, when budget dollars are available and use those PSU’s later for these unexpected projects or those that are planned for later in the year.

The PSU Program is available for all mainframe areas including Security Services, Database Services, Systems Services, Training Services and more.

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