The Objective

The objective of this service offering is to:

  • Provide CA Top Secret Workstation project design and planning
  • Introduce CA Top Secret Workstation features and concepts
  • Review client goals and objectives with respect to this product
  • Provide CA Top Secret Workstation initial product installation and implementation

Overview of Services

These objectives will be met by consultant assistance in planning and executing key activities critical for CA Top Secret Workstation installation and implementation. At the conclusion of this service, the client will be able to:

  • Understand the goals and objectives associated with the installation of CA Top Secret Workstation.
  • Utilize the jointly developed project plan.
  • Understand the appropriate parameter choices during installation.
  • Understand the CA Top Secret Workstation installation and implementation customization activities.
  • Perform CA Top Secret Workstation administrative functions.
  • Develop CA Top Secret Workstation message management rules.
  • Communicate the features and uses of the CA Top Secret Workstation system to other client personnel.
  • Assist other client personnel with planning their use of CA Top Secret Workstation.
The consultant will provide the following services:

  • Verify software and hardware prerequisites for running CA Top Secret Workstation.
  • Review with client the basic steps in the CA Top Secret Workstation installation process.
The consultant will provide project planning/management, product installation/implementation assistance, and verification of functionality. Special attention will be paid to previously defined installation standards and procedures.
Client technical personnel working closely with the consultant will gain the benefit of our in-depth expertise in CA Top Secret Workstation implementations. During product installation, each step will be reviewed with your technical personnel. Product maintenance will also be reviewed and backup and restore facilities explained. After the product is installed and verified, an overview of the product’s components and functions will be provided. In addition, a ‘hands on’ session will be given to key technical personnel to verify their understanding of the CA Top Secret Workstation.


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