Improve Service Levels of Your Central TSS Administration Staff

Customers have proven that TSSadmin Express™ significantly increases their current work capacity by simplifying tasks, correlating data and improving productivity. You can experience the increase in depth, quality and quantity of your mainframe security administration.

Use TSSadmin Express™ to harness the power of your mainframe to quickly and accurately manage and maintain the core components of your CA Top Secret® implementation. Now you can use Smart Output™, the one touch AC Power Button™ and a simple command interface to quickly locate, analyze, change and report the complex array of security data embedded throughout your TSS environment:

  • Display User ID and Profile Lists Using Smart Output™ and ColorGuard™ for a Clearer, Concise and Organized Format. Content is automatically emphasized (including key security exposures) as part of your normal work.
  • Instantly Transfer Reports or Data To Your Email inbox, avoiding manual file transfer processes.
  • Eliminate Unnecessary Data Entry and Copy/Paste by transforming “display-only” data into powerful reusable objects that are processed with the press of a button.
  • Instantly Run Sets of TSS Commands Online, eliminating one-at-a-time entry or submitting/tracking unnecessary batch jobs.
  • Quickly Access/Assess user information, often with zero overhead to TSS itself or the TSS security database.
  • Quickly Find/Assess Data and Build TSS Commands using dozens of utility, search and editing commands that support in-depth/ad-hoc research and mass changes.
  • Diagnose Access Problems Quickly by dramatically reducing the run-time of multiple TSSUTIL reports.
  • Correlate & Consolidate data using automation, eliminating unnecessary manual cross-referencing of information from multiple sources:
    • Quickly locate recent security changes affecting a User ID (and any attached profile), with literally one press of a button!
    • Simplify TSS LIST and WHOHAS output review by correlating and imbedding names and departments of associated ACID’s.hed profile), with literally one press of a button!
    • Instantly identify the cause of a resource violation with the press of a button.
    • Automatically invoke a logical sequence of frequent manual steps with a single command or the press of a button.
  • Implement and Manage a Role-Based Profile Structure using features that use automation to help you build, reconcile and maintain role profiles.


What Can a TSSadmin Express™ Productivity Boost Do For You?


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