Improve Security Through Enhanced Awareness

Show your auditors vigilance in keeping apprised of unusual changes or conditions within the TSS environment by using TSSadmin Express™ to locate, report and manage these items:

Use TSSadmin Express™ to harness the power of your mainframe to quickly and accurately manage and maintain the core components of your CA Top Secret® implementation. Now you can use Smart Output™, the one touch AC Power Button™ and a simple command interface to quickly locate, analyze, change and report the complex array of security data embedded throughout your TSS environment:

  • Be Alerted to High-Risk or Unusual Changes such as bypass, ALL record, RDT or any site-defined criteria.
  • Report Detailed Security Activity Metrics to help management with decision support.
  • Enable Resource Owners to review and certify user access capabilities.
  • Automated RBAC Tools help you to migrate to an RBAC profile structure and instantly verify at any time that all users within a given role have an identical set of profiles.
  • Automatically Document a Set of TSS Commands by designating a comment or referencing a problem/ change ticket number.

Let us help you leverage TSSadmin Express™ to boost the productivity of your staff. You’ll employ lean technology proven to dramatically reduce work effort with unparalleled accuracy. This frees staff from rote administrative functions to focus on the day-to-day tasks required to move the business forward.

This unique technology was developed by CA-Top Secret experts who have “done it the old way” and realize the great benefits of efficiency and productivity by employing automation.


TSSadmin Express™ What's in your Mainframe?


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