Improve Accuracy

Prevent incorrect data entry and errors by using TSSadmin Express™ to eliminate the manual data entry of generating or creating TSS commands:

  • Directly Convert Live LIST/WHOHAS Data into TSS commands for creating new users, transferring users between roles, generating reports and implementing new resource permissions.
  • Instantly Replace Names, Field Data without re-keying the entire content, and automatically track prior content.
  • Automatically Archive Deleted User ID’s and Profiles, restore instantly at any time.
  • Eliminate Typographical Errors by avoiding bulky command syntax and using the AC Power Button™ to invoke reusable objects.
  • Verify That Permissions Resolve Security Violations with the press of a single button!
  • Automate the Correlation and Consolidation of User/Resource data between multiple sources, eliminating manual errors.
  • Help Prevent CPF Overload for TSS command execution by throttling commands to the speed your systems can accommodate.
  • Prevent Harmful TSS Command Entry by trapping and stopping LIST(ACIDS) commands that do not have additional scope-limiting keywords.


Augments Identity Management and Cleanup Tools - TSSadmin Express™ customers also use those tools.


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