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Our dedicated involvement with the mainframe platform for 30+ years has put InfoSec in the position to be able to see and understand the challenges that face mainframe customers today. In this era of budget cuts, reduced staff and increased workload, InfoSec is developing products that substantially improve your performance and ability to “do more with less.”

We invite you to explore our exciting new Mainframe Event Acquisition System™ (MEAS™) technology. Through our partnership with DG Technology Consulting, LLC., we have developed a solution for our mainframe customers who require the ability to collect, analyze and react to mainframe events, such as security violations, network outages, database accesses and more. Put our technology to work for you and be able to find that “needle in a haystack” before it becomes a critical issue.

Also explore TSSadmin Express™, a product that drastically improves the productivity of CA Top Secret security administrators, allowing them to do in seconds or minutes what used to take hours or days.


Mainframe Event Acquisition System™

Designed from the ground up to enable mainframe users to collect, store, report and analyze data in real time.

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TSSadmin Express™

Maximizes the productivity increases the accuracy of the workof Top Secret administrators by automating day-to-day activities.

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