Service Retainer Program (SRP) for z/OS, VSE and VM

Did you ever wish you could have an extra set of eyes and ears to assist with your z/OS, VSE and VM systems?

InfoSec now offers z/OS, VSE and VM clients an affordable service offering to provide ad hoc systems support for their mission critical mainframe operating systems. InfoSec’s highly skilled mainframe consultants will work with client systems programming staff to provide support in the installation, implementation, maintenance and administration of their mainframe OS environments and to ensure that all software is maintained at current version and release levels. Software that is not up-to-date puts the business at risk due to potential system outages and regulatory compliance.


99% Availability = 87.6 Hours of Down Time/Year
99.999% Availability = 5.25 Minutes of Down Time/Year

InfoSec will also review implemented functionality to identify features that can improve operating efficiencies.

Additionally, as part of this annual service program, you have access to a remote or on-site mainframe consultant whenever needed.
This innovative program from InfoSec offers our clients a value-added, reliable and cost-effective method of supporting, maintaining and administering their mainframe environments while maximizing their return on investment.

To meet the critical requirements of our clients, InfoSec provides an experienced mainframe technologist who will work with the client’s team on an as-needed basis, providing system level expertise when needed to augment the client’s requirements.

Whether a backlog of tasks or filling a specific skill need, InfoSec’s mainframe experts will be there to fill in the gaps as needed.

Our clients have discovered that having an InfoSec mainframe expert available remotely allows for the cost effective addition of technical resources without the need to budget money and space for full time employees.

With our expertise in mainframe systems and working with client staff, our client’s technology investment is protected, extending the value of mainframe technologies and increasing the ROI of those systems. This results in clients maximizing the efficiency, productivity, and reliability of their mainframe software environment.

The InfoSec technicians develop a strong relationship with our clients and a high degree of understanding of their mainframe configuration. Depending on client needs, our consultants may:

  • Provide remote support via telephone and/or email as needed by the client.
  • Be on-site for a period of 5 contiguous business days per quarter, annually*
  • Review current mainframe security environment(s)
  • Validate current version and release levels for all mainframe software products
  • Develop roadmap for any maintenance that needs to be accomplished
  • Recommend features/functions of technology that are not in use currently
  • Provide knowledge transfer to client staff as needed
  • Provide daily or weekly system status updates
InfoSec’s mainframe service retainer offering demonstrates our commitment to our clients by helping to ensure the success of their organization. This program positions InfoSec to deliver unparalleled value in the management of our client’s mainframe infrastructure.

* Optional extra cost option


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