Providing the Assistance You Need

The objective of this service offering is to provide service to assist the Client with its installation and implementation of the current release of CA-Top Secret for VSE security product. This upgrade involves a complete replacement of the previous Top Secret product and entails new product concepts and administration techniques.

For the purpose of this outline, this assumes a single CA-Top Secret for VSE implementation implemented at a single client location. A detailed Statement of Work (SOW) will be created specifically for each client to take into consideration all aspects of the client’s operating environment, including but not limited to: number of locations and systems to be implemented, options to be activated, integration with other system components, level of participation from the client staff during installation.

Specifically, the following tasks will be performed during this service offering:

  • Meet/introduce InfoSec and client project team
  • Validate the project timeline
  • Develop CA-Top Secret VSE implementation plan
  • Document the current client environment
  • Identify the client systems to be implemented
  • Validate environment specifics and any assumptions
  • Review system requirements (single or multiple security files, CPF, et al)
  • Discuss CA-Top Secret VSE control options (e.g. AUTH, MODE)
  • Generate implementation plan, to include control options
  • Generate post implementation test plan
  • Review of implementation and test plans
  • Install CA-Top Secret VSE
  • Configure CA-Top Secret VSE control options
  • Install CA-Top Secret VSE CICS Interface
  • Allocate and configure the CA-Top Secret VSE primary and backup security files
  • Allocate and configure the CA-Top Secret VSE CICS facilities
  • Allocate and configure the CA-Top Secret VSE Batch Facilities
  • IPL and activate CA-Top Secret VSE
  • Execute test plan
  • Review test plan result with client
  • Review implementation with client
  • Obtain client approval and sign-off


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