Smaller Companies Get Hurt Too…

Hi everyone,

We know about the major data breaches at big companies like J.P. Morgan and AT&T because they’re all over our news feeds. But right now, in a small office somewhere in this country, a small business owner is also feeling the pain of a data breach. And small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) can suffer disproportionately because they’re operating on significantly tighter margins than a Target or a Home Depot.

The biggest impediments to SMBs developing a solid security plan against cybercrime are often time and money. SMB owners have a lot on their plate, making cybersecurity seem like just one more side dish. Also, it’s an added expense and, if you’ve never suffered a data breach before, one that can appear discretionary.

But if you read the lead article in our November eNewsletter, you know that according to security specialists at Kaspersky, “on average recovering from a security breach costs small businesses $38,000.” That’s not mentioning the costs of your loyal customers’ confidence in your company, which for many SMBs was hard won and therefore worth its weight in gold.

What SMBs operating a mainframe need is an affordable end-to-end security solution that works behind-the-scenes and around the clock. User Based Analytic (UBA) tools such as a SIEM platform, coupled with our Mainframe Event Acquisition System (MEAS) will allow your IT professionals to collect real-time security information, 24/7. MEAS feeds mainframe event activity to your SIEM so you can detect unusual after-hours activity or anything suspicious and take immediate action to stop a potential breach before it reaches the sensitive data stored in your mainframe.

Contact InfoSec today and find out how MEAS can help you protect your small business from the threat of a crippling data breach.

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