Put Your Money on the Mainframe

Hi everyone,

The naysayers were wrong: the mainframe continues to be a solid enterprise investment.

There are some things in this world that are a sure bet and I’m happy to report that the mainframe is one of them. Since the first mainframes were introduced over 50 years ago, multiple new and shiny technologies have come and gone. Most haven’t had the staying power of our reliable old Big Iron. In fact, today a whopping 70% of the world’s business data is still processed by a mainframe.

In an excellent opinion piece, CTO of Rocket World Software Bryan Smith cites the reasons that the mainframe is still a best bet for your IT spend. He talks about the mainframe’s space and power efficiency and the fact that “mainframe software and the proliferation of applications make the mainframe assuredly expandable and upgradeable,” allowing it “to power cloud, business analytics, enterprise security, mobile applications and other critical workloads.”

Since the beginning, InfoSec has believed in the amazing reliability and productivity of the mainframe, particularly when businesses make the effort to secure it. In this new era of escalating cyber threats, security is only increasing in importance. Although the mainframe is inherently more secure than open networks, it is not immune to a potential breach. With the addition of cloud, mobile apps and other new workloads, it has become even more critical that IT professionals remain vigilant.

We can help. Since 1979, InfoSec’s management has been involved with mainframes. Our team of experienced security consultants knows how to help businesses leverage their mainframe investment. Contact InfoSec today to find out more about our suite of products and services designed to provide greater visibility into your mainframe, increase operational efficiencies, improve compliance, and decrease costs.

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