Data breaches are rampant—don’t be the next victim

Hi everyone,

Imagine you just moved into a new house in what you thought was a safe, quiet suburb. When your next-door neighbor extends a hand over your shared fence to introduce himself, you notice the home security sign on his lawn. You ask, “What’s the history of break-ins in this neighborhood?” He answers matter-of-factly, “Around here it’s not a question of if you’ll have a break-in, but when.”

This is the reality organizations around the world are facing now. If you process customer data, you’re a target. While breaches used to be rare enough to make the front page, now they’re so ubiquitous that unless you’re a Fortune 500 company they hardly even register as news. But you bet a data breach can have serious consequences for your company.

The challenges CIOs and other IT professionals are facing have also increased. The proliferation of IoT devices (thousands of which, according to Fast Company, were actors in the recent DoS attacks on Dyn), the popularity of BYOD, new threats like ransomware, and more sophisticated hackers are forcing IT departments to seriously skill up and arm up with tools to fight cyber crime.

Even when organizations invest in more security, they might not have a way to monitor all of their systems at the same time to get a sense of the big picture. Without clear, 24-7 visibility into all of your data events, anomalies can exist for weeks or months before anyone catches on. It’s like you secured your front windows and doors before going on vacation, but left a back window open. Thieves will find their way in, and sooner rather than later.

Call on InfoSec for help. If your business relies on a mainframe, we offer the latest products and services to help you protect your most precious asset—your customer data. This includes our Mainframe Event Acquisition System™ (MEAS™), featuring seamless integration with commercial Event Management (EM) and Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) technologies like McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO), McAfee Nitro, HP ArcSight, IBM Q1 Labs and others. Signal to hackers that your business won’t be their next victim. Arm yourself with the tools and know-how that will send them packing.

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