Big Cyber Threats – What Security Tools Do You Need?

Hi everyone,

There’s a lot of information out there—some of it false, or at best incomplete—about mainframe security. As hackers get smarter and attacks become increasingly harder to identify in time, there’s a lot of panic and paranoia out there.

Let’s take a collective deep breath, realizing that there are great security tools being developed even as you read this post to counteract the next big cyber threats. We already know that end-to-end solutions that protect everything from mainframe to endpoint are essential. So is speed: the breadth of your knowledge won’t be as helpful to you if it comes AFTER your data has been breached. Security tools that include user behavior analytics (UBA) are also important because they help IT professionals distinguish normal from malicious user behavior.

The best solution to an enterprise’s mainframe security concerns is an end-to-end security solution that works behind-the-scenes and around the clock. UBA tools like our Mainframe Event Acquisition System (MEAS) will allow your IT professionals to collect real-time security information, 24/7. MEAS detects unusual after-hours activity or anything suspicious, so you can take immediate action to stop a potential breach before it reaches the sensitive data stored in your mainframe.

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