A New Day Brings New Threats to Your Data

Hi everyone,

We all like the easy, one-and-done solutions, but how many challenges in life only need to be addressed once? It’s like a homeowner trying to pass a peaceful winter in a rustic country cabin. To deal with unwanted pests he stops up an obvious hole with steel wool. But soon enough the mice are going to find another way in.

In our August newsletter we lead with a story detailing the results of a recent EMC global survey. Turns out companies have gotten better at fixing traditional problems of data loss and disruption—incidents like these are down since 2014. But the cloud and flash-based storage technologies are offering new challenges to businesses, with over half failing to protect their data in the cloud and 73% of enterprises befuddled about how to handle security in the face of flash. Alas the mice have found a new entry point.

Flash storage in particular is a tough nut to crack. In the current security climate of most businesses, it’s trivially easy for employees to take confidential documents, load them on a thumb drive and walk away. It’s difficult for companies to discover or control this.

Flash technology presents a problem not only for the exfiltration of data but also the infiltration of malware. That’s allegedly what caused the infamous Stuxnet virus, one of the first digital weapons used to disrupt Iran’s nuclear program. In that famous case, attackers used infected USB flash drives to spread a virus, bypassing the air gap that would have otherwise protected the network.

In the face of new and emerging security challenges, what can companies do to protect themselves? Well, you can hunker down and ignore these threats—or you can do the smart thing and call in the security experts at InfoSec. When you need us, we’ll send over an experienced InfoSec consultant to support your busy IT team. Our expert can maintain or enhance your current information security environment to make sure it’s up to the latest data security challenges.

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